1.  What are your thoughts on reinstating student resource officers in our schools?

I believe Student Resource Officers (SRO’s) are necessary. Our own Sherwood Chief of Police, Jeff Groth, was my SRO when I attended Tualatin High School. They can be an informal mentor and counselor for the school. They are a link to the first responders as well as protectors of the school. They can also educate the students on different topics. I would like to see teenagers learn about what a criminal background is and how having a criminal history can affect their lives. There is criminal activity that is prevalent in their age group and I would like to see them have the opportunity to be taught how to identify the activity and avoid it.

2.  Share with us your thoughts on diversity, equity and inclusion in the schools. How are students impacted and what can be done to allow all students to learn and thrive in school?

Sherwood feels like a relatively diverse community. As a minority with multi-racial children, we feel very welcome in the schools and sports programs we’ve been involved with here and have met families with diverse backrounds. I believe Sherwood is a great community for all children to learn and thrive. I believe we live in the greatest country on Earth. I tell my kids that they have the same opportunities as anyone else and that the only thing that differentiates them from others is the content of their character, work ethic, openness to opportunity and their ability to make the most of those opportunies – as this has been my experience.

3. How and to what extent should religious and political expression be allowed in schools?

Religion and political ideology should only be discussed in the home, church, or appropriate political forum. I strongly believe that school is where children should be taught how to think, not what to think.

4. What changes, if any, would you make to the current curriculum and why?

I would like to see teenagers learn about credit and debt and how it affects their lives financially. I am extremely concerned about the student loan crisis. Some students are in debt $150,000 starting at age 18. They should be completely educated on the pros and cons when considering that amount of debt. My understanding is that this sort of curriculum is in place; however, I do not know to what extent, so I would be taking a closer look at that.

Some students may opt to begin working right out of high school and I believe those students should have the opportunity to learn the skills needed in the real world. I would like to explore opportunities or add to existing opportunities for Sherwood High School to partner with local businesses that are willing to hire students and teach them skills that are applicable out in the workforce so that when they leave school they have experience.